Zygor Guide – Why Downloading Via Torrents May Lead to More Than You Bargained For

Zygor Guide – Why Downloading Via Torrents May Lead to More Than You Bargained For

As with most software the World of Warcraft leveling guide and gold guide industry have fallen prey to online software piracy. Hundreds, if not thousands of people form around the world have already downloaded various guides, ranging from Zygor’s WoW Leveling Guide to Gold Secrets: Warcraft gold making guide via torrents, news groups and peer to peer networks, but what are some of these people really getting, and more importantly what do they stand to lose if they continue with these types of activities?  zygor guides

As with all methods of acquiring software illegally there are downsides, some more dangerous than others, I will touch on a few of the more serious examples of why downloading a wow guide from torrents or P2P networks can ultimately lead to the loss of your account and much, much more.

Chief amongst the reasons you do not want to download Zygor, Dugis or other wow leveling guides is the possibility of contracting a computer virus. As with the music industry, pirates have quickly learned that people who seek to download things illegally seldom verify what it is they are downloading and pirates have begun to package viruses into the files they then share. Unknowingly, a WoW player seeks out a way to get a leveling guide for free and comes across a site that promises to deliver, only to find a their computer destroyed as a result of the file they downloaded, the bill to recover and repair from a virus can be devastating.

Much like viruses these are programs that are packaged along with the guide you are attempting to download via a torrent or P2P network which then install themselves on your computer without you knowing. From there the Adware, or spyware, can then perform a number of actions from an annoying pop up window to a complete hijacking of your computer system and personal information. Adware has been a very serious problem within torrent groups and P2P networks and WoW Leveling Guides have not been immune to these attacks, in fact one might argue that because many of the people out there searching for “Free guides” tend to be children or teens simply out to get something for free. Adware can result in a destruction of your personal credit information as well as identity theft, which are both costly in both time and money to repair.

WoW Account Hacking:

Once again as with the viruses and the Adware, a program or new splash screen can be added to the guide a person downloads via a torrent or P2P network which will capture your Warcraft account name and password, send this information to a 3rd party who will then use this information to gain access to your account deleting characters, moving gold, and in some cases performing actions that can result in your account being banned by World of Warcraft. As you can imagine having your account banned or completely destroyed can result having to spend huge amounts of time to re acquire all the gear and gold you may have just lost.

While downloading a Zygor leveling guide via a torrent or P2P network might appear to be a simple solution to purchasing one, be aware that the risks far out weight the benefits of not having to spend a little bit of money to legally get your guide. While torrents, newsgroups and peer to peer networks might promise a fresh new copy of Zygor Guides or Dugis leveling guide be forewarned that what you’re getting might be a little more than you’ve signed on for.