Amortize a mortgage loan: It’s as difficult as you think

If you are a customer of a bank and have a home loan commitment with it, you need to know that you can repay a mortgage loan. So you will have the possibility to have in your hands the breakdown of payments so you can end this debt through different alternatives. But what does this mean exactly? And how can it be done? Find out in the following article.


What is mortgage amortization about?

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Technically, the so-called amortization consists in returning part of the loan to buy a house to the bank. Although it is also understood in the financial area as the total payment of said debt before the stipulated due date.

On the other hand, the second option is known as total amortization. In this you must pay the same amount of the loan to end the debt. This second case is not very popular or flashy, because it involves raising a high amount of money.


Steps to make a mortgage loan repayment

mortgage loan repayment

The steps that we are going to share with you next, will be of enough help to repay a mortgage loan, but before going to see them in detail, we would like to suggest that you try to amortize with a mortgage substitution. This suggestion can help you a lot to reduce the amount of interest payable.

After the replacement, follow the steps below:

  • Every time you acquire additional resources, pay them to the mortgage payment.
  • Another quite important step is that in each monthly payment you manage to pay a little more than the value of the fee, gradually reducing the number of fees.
  • Opt for a partial amortization to be able to pay less each month. Even if your pocket is quite relieved, it will only be a convenient alternative if you have other monthly debts with the bank, such as a credit card.
  • Always choose the “capital payment” option and not the “monthly payment” option. This will save more interest.

As you can see, repaying a mortgage loan is not that complicated if you give priority to the previous steps.

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