I’m drowning in debt, bailiff and non-bank loans per 100,000!

Hello, I’m drowning in debt. My fault, I took more loans with the assumption that I will pay back the previous ones. The debt problem started last month, I woke up with my hand in the potty. I wanted to please everyone, now everyone turned around, claiming that nobody told me to take so many loans.

I have bailiffs and court hearings, most are non-bank loans. I am in debtors’ database, please help. My debts are 100,000 dollars.


I’m drowning in debt


Ms. Banuto is in a very difficult financial situation with 100,000 USD debt and pending court hearings. The presence of your name on the lists of KRD, BIG or ERIF debtors is another obstacle, certainly you should exclude the option of taking a loan from the bank, it makes no sense even to try.

The same can be true with private loan companies. Although they do not check scoring in BIK or lists of debtors (in most cases), such large debts exclude most of these companies, because their loan offers oscillate mainly in amounts up to $ 25,000.

You also did not write anything about employment, income, benefits or even your age, it is also of great importance when drawing up a debt recovery plan.


Consumer bankruptcy?

Consumer bankruptcy?

A debt of $ 100,000 and pending court hearings in the background are a machine that is difficult to control and has already started and may be too late to rescue in any form.

Please try to declare consumer bankruptcy. Perhaps the court that will hear the case will support your financial difficulties and will cancel some or all of your debt.

From 2015, where the amendment to the Act on Consumer Bankruptcy took place, as many as 9,300 people declared bankruptcy by June 2017! From year to year, more and more people with huge unpayable debts – declares consumer bankruptcy.

With the naked eye you can see that consumer awareness is growing, and the costs of filing for bankruptcy are ridiculously small, because it’s 30 dollars! But an application for economic bankruptcy costs a consumer already $ 1,000!

Prior to the amendment to the Act on Consumer Bankruptcy, it was required to have assets that could cover the costs of bankruptcy proceedings. Fortunately, the regulations changed in 2015 and since then, the costs of bankruptcy proceedings have been covered by the State Treasury.


Consumer bankruptcy for what amount?

debt bankruptcy

The amounts of debt that consumers cannot deal with when declaring consumer bankruptcy are different, it is an individual matter. For one person, the world and possibilities end at 30-40 thousand dollars, for others, eg for former entrepreneurs, these are amounts of several million dollars.


Who can file for bankruptcy?

Who can file for bankruptcy?

The law defines two conditions that must be met to declare consumer bankruptcy :

  • no registered business activity
  • debts that a person cannot pay back

It is also worth mentioning that no one but a directly interested person can file for bankruptcy. It cannot be a creditor / creditors, bailiff, prosecutor or immediate family member! only you have that right.

To sum up, if you don’t see even the smallest chance or the opportunity to pay back the debt of 100,000 USD, this declaration of consumer bankruptcy may be the only way out of the situation for you. Below is a model bankruptcy petition, there is instructions on how to complete it correctly.

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